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Craft work / Children creating - McDowall Village Childcare

Our Rooms...


McDowall Village Childcare offers a dynamic and exciting play based program for children aged 6 weeks to school age.


  • Nursery (6 weeks-15months: 8 Children max)

  • Tiny Tots  (15months-2yrs: 10 Children max)

  • Junior Kindy (2-3yrs: 12 Children max)

  • Pre Kindy (3-4yrs: 21 Children max)

  • Kindergarten (4yrs-school age: 24 Children max)

Our Team...

Our team will offer children many ways to learn  ensuring we cater for a wide range of abilities, interests and strengths and provide experiences to ensure all children are given the opportunity to thrive and succeed within the service. 

Children’s physical, personal, social, emotional and spiritual well-being, as well as cognitive aspects of children’s learning will be supported using spontaneous and intentional teaching strategies; scaffolding children’s learning from an initial interest to a higher – level understanding.

Group Work / Team Work - McDowall Village Childcare

Meet our Management Team

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