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Why There’s so Much More to Childcare Than Minding Your Kids

Whether your child is visiting us for one day or 5 days a week, we want you to know that your little ones get so much more out of us than a simple ‘minding’ service. At McDowall Village Childcare, we want to enrich your child’s life and help them develop and grow into better humans that will be ready to tackle the world when they grow up.

But what exactly do we do that puts us head and shoulders above a simple babysitting service? Find out below.

The Early Years Learning Framework

One of the biggest things that sets us and other childcare centres apart is the establishment of the Early Years Learning Framework. This framework outlines the principles, practices and outcomes that all childcare centres must abide by to help enhance children’s learning between birth and the age of five. The vision for this framework is for all children to experience learning that’s engaging and build success for life, and it just so happens this aligns perfectly with our values too!

Visit the Early Years Learning Framework page under the Australian Government Department of Education and Training website for more information.

Fresh Cooked Meals

Good nutrition and establishing healthy eating habits at a young age is so important, which is why we have an on-site cook who whips up fresh and nutritious meals for the kids every day. We make sure your little ones have variety and deliciousness in their diet on a daily basis. We always make sure that the food we serve meets each individual child’s daily dietary requirements.

Your kids will always be trying new things and discover new tastes and flavours at our centre. They may even find a new favourite dish that you could replicate at home. Feel free to ask us for any of our recipes, and we’ll be happy to give them to you.

Various Learning Styles

The kids we care for learn through play. We encourage play through the use of modern technology as well as hands-on exploration. Whether it be arts and crafts, play pretend games, outdoor activities or games that encourage cooperation and sharing; your kids are always having warm and caring interactions from their teachers to help them learn through play.

While your kids will be left to their own devices to freely explore and play as they wish (which is important for developing their own interests, self-choice and decision making), we also incorporate structured play into their day which opens their minds up to new activities, thoughts and creativity. By introducing them to new things they’ve never tried before, they become more open-minded and learn essential developmental skills that help them flourish. They’ll never get bored either, knowing there will always be something new to keep them entertained. We’re proud of the inspiring education environment we’ve created here at McDowall Village Childcare centre, and we encourage you to come on down and take a look for yourself.

Environmental Awareness

Future generations need to be environmentally conscious if we want a sustainable future, so teaching environmental awareness from a young age only makes sense. Here at McDowall Village Childcare centre, we teach the kids about the different ways to care for the environment. They even get their hands dirty by learning how to plant things in our very own garden patch. Every child will be responsible for watering and taking care of the plants. They will get to experience the wonder of watch them grow too.

Qualified Staff

Our staff are fully qualified in early education, so they know exactly how to nurture and care for your children the right way. They know exactly when to sit and listen, how to deliver just the right amount of discipline if needed and when to talk and explain things so your kids can learn and understand things better. With friendly and welcoming smiles, your kids will always be greeted with warmth and love by our nurturing and experienced carers.

Socialisation Skills

Childcare is one of the best ways to socialise your child from a young age. Developing social skills is so important as they grow up, so they know how to communicate and interact with others appropriately. The more your child is around others (both adults and children), the faster they will develop those much needed social skills. Childcare also teaches your child to accept authority from people other than their immediate family, which is a vital trait they need when it’s time to go to school.

Always Growing and Adapting

We always want what’s best for your kids, which is why we’re always growing, expanding and improving how we provide care at McDowall Village Childcare centre on a day-to-day basis. We enjoy coming up with new educational spaces that cater to the interests of all the children we care for. To make sure we’re always meeting expectations, we encourage all parents to provide us with feedback on how we can continue to improve our service and our centre.

Think we have the right stuff to look after your kids? Learn all about our centre then drop us a line at 07 3353 5511 to book a tour.

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